Weekend Meetings

Looking for a venue to host a weekend morning meeting? Try Georgie at The Montage in Beverly Hills. The space is beautiful but casual, with comfortable couches accounting for a significant portion of the seating. Significantly, the staff is always a delight; they are kind and helpful, and attentive without being obnoxious or smothering. They walk that line just right.

I recently held a committee meeting at Georgie and it was a huge success. The hostess seated the 13 of us at a long table in the corner of the restaurant (inside due to rain). We ordered our coffees, cappuccinos, and glasses of prosecco, and then pastries for the table. With a selection of assorted treats ranging from plain croissants to chocolaty donuts, everyone was well-fed, yet still able to talk easily.

Another perk to ordering pastries for the table: we were in and out within an hour—having accomplished quite a bit in the time we were there. We avoided the ten minutes ordering might have taken, as well as the interruption that delivery of individual plates to each proper mouth would have been. (While those delays might not bother a table out to a festive Sunday brunch, the same cannot be said for a table discussing business on a Sunday at 10:00 a.m.) I am confident my committee appreciated the speed at which our meeting proceeded.

One caveat: a group of a certain size might require a fixed menu, which can become pricey. Inquire before you bank on a reservation that large.