Artelice Pâtisserie

Artelice Pâtisserie on Olympic (near Sawtelle) is one of my new favorite places. It opened in February of this year.

I discovered Artelice Pâtisserie as I was walking to Sawtelle—actually on my way to grab some dessert from another establishment. The rows of cakes, which I could see plainly through the giant front window, called me to enter.

Minimalistic, the shop itself features a selection of exquisite mini-cakes priced $5.75 to $7.00. Flavors range from fruity to chocolaty, and include a lovely tiramisu.

I found myself here because I could not resist the beauty of these pieces. However, I am pleased to report that these cakes taste pretty good too. If I need to bring treats to a party, this is my new stop.


Artelice Pâtisserie also offers large cakes ($32/each) and bite-sized pieces ($36/16 pieces).