Acadia National Park – An Afternoon Stroll

If you find yourself on the East Coast this summer, I hope you make it to Maine; specifically, I hope you make a point of visiting Acadia National Park for at least a day. Although small, this park deserves a nod. When my husband and I visited in 2015, we spent our first day there hiking Beehive Trail, and unless you have a paralyzing fear of heights, I urge you to do the same.

We arrived at our inn mid-afternoon and unpacked our bags. Wanting to do something—but not too much something—before dinnertime, we asked our innkeeper if he recommended any nearby trails for an afternoon stroll. He without hesitation suggested Beehive Trail; he marked up a map to show us the way, and bid us a good day.

Map in hand, I guided us to the trailhead. Finding the trail turned out easy enough—great, we thought. Onto the trail we went.

We gradually worked our way up a mountain. Slowly but surely we moved higher and higher. At some point we had started walking on rock. Then I had to cross a grate, or death trap, I wasn’t sure.

Beehive Trail

Now exposed cliffs stood in our path. Where to go? Where is the trail? —Up the cliff, of course.

The climb became vertical. Iron rods protruded from the rock to provide a means by which hikers might scale the cliff. I realized this innkeeper must have smelled the city on us and been either bored or mean, intentionally sending us on a terrifying rock-scaling adventure as opposed to the “afternoon stroll” in which we had indicated an interest…[i]

We made it to the top, and were glad to have done this hike. I must note, however, that by the time it became clear the hike might test one’s courage, it was already too late to turn back.

Although I question the innkeeper’s intentions in sending us to Beehive Trail, I do highly recommend it. A relatively quick and easy adventure, this hike is plain fun.

[i] The National Park Service classifies Beehive Trail as “strenuous.” See