Attractive Suiting – Elusive, but Attainable

My attorney girlfriends and I often lament the lack of attractive suits on the market that are also work appropriate. Faced with pants too big and shoulders too bulky, many ladies I know have given up the search.

Unfortunately for litigators, we are simply unable to avoid wearing suits; court, depositions, and similar situations require such. I have been hunting for the perfect suit since law school. While I had some early success with Anne Klein, finding suits I did not love but that were adequate, I have since made significant progress.

I recently found the perfect suit in Ted Baker’s “ILLIJ Textured Blazer” in dark blue.[i] It is appropriate, attractive, and comfortable—the most elusive of trifectas in women’s professional attire. This blazer is well priced at $389.

The blazer layered over the matching “ILLIDD Textured Front Sheath Dress” makes the perfect ensemble for court, meetings, and any other similarly professional situations. The dress costs $295—also completely appropriate and worth the buy. Just last weekend, I caught a girl trying this dress on in a store, so even if it is not online, I know it is still readily available.