At a recent book club meeting, I mentioned I began an underwear experiment. I had purchased many pairs of underwear representing six brands. Prices ranged from $4.00 to $85.00. My goal: to find the best underwear.

One friend immediately said, “This sounds like a blog post.” So, here we are.

I offer the following conclusions: If you are going to yoga, you must buy Lululemon’s Namastay Put Thong II. For a special occasion where you want each detail of your ensemble to feel elevated, splurge on La Perla’s Charisma Thong. Perhaps most significantly, if you are still searching for the perfect everyday panty, try the Lace Thong Panty by Victoria’s Secret.

Below I discuss in detail each of the seven pieces of underwear I tested, beginning with the least expensive. Where appropriate, I draw comparisons between certain pairs.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Bridget Cotton Thong[i], $8 (purchased on sale for $4)

These are comparable to the Hanky Panky cotton thongs from Bloomingdales discussed below. Given the price difference, these are the winner. The quality between the two is comparable. While the Hanky Panky is of slightly better quality, such does not justify the difference in price.

This thong (similarly to the Hanky Panky) struggles with elasticity, fitting less snugly than the other options discussed herein. However, these are simple, show no lines under clothes, and—in short—get the job done. The bands are made of lace and wide. If you would rather fill your drawers with quantity over quality, this is your buy.

h.dew (Bloomingdales)

Mollie Lace Thong[ii], $8

Comparable to the Lace Thong Panty by Victoria’s Secret.

I recommend this item if you are interested in the approx. 50% savings from the Victoria’s Secret comparable. This item is made completely of sheer stretch lace, and similarly does not show through most clothes. The sides are thinner than the wide bands in the VS Lace Thong Panty, but not so thin that they show or refuse to stay in place. The band is also uniquely scalloped, standing out from the others with straight, even edges.

The downside to this panty is that the back is slightly less flattering than the comparable Victoria’s Secret pair. However, if no one else is going to see it, then this is a solid option for the benefits of the Lace Thong Panty for less than half the price.


Namastay Put Thong II[iii], $16

This is the perfect thong for yoga pants. The material does not absorb sweat (the way that lace panties do). Thus, after a strenuous yoga class, this panty is not holding on to a gallon of sweat. It remains (relatively) fresh and comfortable. Somehow, despite the loose fit that ensures no lines are showing on the skin-tight pants on top, these panties stay in place. It is everything a yoga panty should be.

Mula Bandhawear Thong[iv], $16

This is a wonderful thong for yoga pants. The material is great for wear during sweaty activities, and it has a nice wide waistband to avoid lines under your tight pants. However, the Namastay Put Thong II is simply superior.

Victoria’s Secret

Lace Thong Panty[v], $16.50

These are comparable to the Mollie Lace Thong by h.dew.

This is a daily go-to. The waistband is wide and made of lace; thus, it does not show through your clothes or leave any unsightly ripples down your figure. As a perk, it is also exceedingly flattering to the derrière and certainly qualifies as a sexy piece of lingerie.

Hanky Panky (Bloomingdales)

Cotton with a Conscience Original-Rise Thong, $18

These are comparable to the Bridget Cotton Thong by Frederick’s of Hollywood.

This panty fits reasonably comfortably, but is not a great buy. First, I prefer allover lace (rather than this cotton panty with a lace waistband). All the options I tried and discuss herein stretch to some degree. This pair, however, refuses to hug the body and stay in place. Given that issue and the $18 price point, it is simply not worth discussing further.

La Perla

Charisma Thong, $85

If we’re being honest, the price tag on these is a bit ridiculous. Is this pair worth $85? Probably not. That said, these are beautiful, comfortable, and unique. I love them. If you accept that these probably won’t offer you an additional $65 of value over the other pairs I have discussed, I argue a pair or two are worth having for nights you want to feel expensive and pretty all the way through.



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