One Saturday morning, my friend Natasha and I went to Flores and Sons on Sawtelle for brunch. (The restaurant is plain adorable—go there if you haven’t.)

Nearing the end of our meal, Natasha asked me what I was going to do with the rest of my day. I thought for a few moments, and then said I needed to clean and do laundry. –Well, clarification: I need to pick up my house before the maids come and gather the clothes I want to send with our pickup/delivery laundry service.

For those who define laundry as I do, Rinse is a solid option.

The third such service we have tried, Rinse has been reliable, professional, and satisfactory. I wouldn’t call the cleaning impeccable, and the first time we used them they failed to show up on time. However, since that first miss, Rinse has delivered just fine. I have sent suits and dresses, and my husband has sent his shirts and pants, and all have come back in one piece and cleaner than we had sent them.

Rinse offers reasonable pricing[i], $12 to dry-clean a casual dress, $2.50 to launder/press a shirt, and $10 for minor repairs, such as fixing a hem.[ii] I recently sent in a favorite dress, which hem had come undone. Rinse takes an extra week to return repairs, but brought my dress back hemmed just right.


[i] $3.99 per pickup/delivery

[ii] www.rinse.com/?kid=DKV0K41DWU