Girls Killing It – A Look Back at 1-5

Saba[i], Bora[ii], Ashley[iii], Alex[iv], Nazanin[v]. Five girls living in three cities: Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. Five girls determinedly killing it.

As I completed my fifth profile, I could not help but reflect on the qualities binding these young women together. They all offer something beyond mere drive or determination. Each harbors an intangible spark, a spark that leads to similar risks, worries, defeats, and victories.

Saba and Ashley occupy vastly different professions, being an attorney and a yoga instructor, respectively. However, they both faced fears before making leaps in their careers, leaps which they wanted all along but execution of which required a mustering of courage. Both faced financial uncertainly: Saba opened a law firm with her savings and some faith that she could settle a case before her bank account reached zero. Ashley left a nine-to-fiver for complete uncertainty. Both ladies followed their hearts and made their visions a reality.

Bora and Alex found passions and stuck with them wholeheartedly: Bora’s love for travel and Alex’s love for Girls on the Run drove them to steadfastly commit to those pursuits. Yet, Bora and Nazanin also changed their minds completely about what exactly they wanted do with their lives before landing on their ultimate conclusions. Bora never expected to attend law school, and Nazanin never expected to pursue a Ph.D., but both had epiphanies of sorts which led them to these fitting conclusions. They both had the requisite faith in themselves to listen to their hearts, as well as the drive to make their new dreams a reality.

What can we learn from these ladies? Their accompanying quotes say it best. Know yourself.[vi] Seek adventure.[vii] Follow your heart.[viii] Stay determined.[ix] Open your mind.[x]


[i] Girl #1 – Saba Zafar, Los Angeles

[ii] Girl #2 – Bora Rawcliffe, London

[iii] Girl #3 – Ashley Shubert, Los Angeles

[iv] Girl #4 – Alex Nichols, Los Angeles

[v] Girl #5 – Nazanin Bagherzadeh, Hong Kong

[vi] “Know yourself. Pursue that which makes you happy.”

[vii] “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”

[viii] “Wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.”

[ix] “It’s always a matter of will. Only a person of great determination can swim to another side.”

[x] “Once upon a time there was a girl…[who] saw the world not always as it was, but perhaps as it could be…”