A Backseat Perspective – Real in WeHo


Last night, I was actually on the early side for a dinner in Venice at 7:00. Given the extra time, I decided to go on a Lyft Pool adventure. I’m glad I did.

My driver picked me up in a white Prius. Also in the car were two other riders. I entered mid-conversation; the three of them were discussing their travels in Asia. They had all lived there for certain periods of time.

Quite quickly the girl was dropped off, and the driver and male rider began discussing how everyone here is or has been a vegan, and how they both were vegans for a time. I interjected that I have never in my life been a vegan, and can barely control the amount of cupcakes I intake on a daily basis.

The other rider was let go, and it was just me.

I learned my driver grew up in New York and D.C., and has lived in LA, (West Hollywood, specifically), for seven years working as a dancer/stunt actor. He loves his life and this town, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. That said, his job has taken him all over the world, throughout Europe and Asia, and some good times in Australia and New Zealand…

At the time of our ride, he was currently waiting to hear if he had landed his dream job. About 5,000 people auditioned for Katy Perry’s world tour, he said, and he had made the top 10 for the guys. Apparently, the tour typically requires four to eight male dancers. His dream was so close, and I could feel his anticipation. Given that rehearsals begin tomorrow, I’m sure he knows by now.

As we talked, he mentioned that a lot of people have this perception that LA is fake. But, he said, those aren’t people who live here. “I have met the coolest people here.” People who are nice, have good energy, people who are good. He noted how supportive everyone here is of whatever your life pursuit might be.

As I arrived at my destination and met my friends at the bar, they had an unopened bottle of wine sitting in front of them. What’s this? A gift. The restaurant’s wine distributor had walked by and, for some reason, had given them this bottle.