Incredibly ambitious and accomplished young women surround me in my daily life. I have long admired them for the unique contributions they make to our world, and thus, this blog was born.

I will periodically profile a young woman who, in pursuit of her dreams, has attained notable goals and perhaps even positively affected the world in the process—in short, a girl who’s killing it. In so doing, I will endeavor to paint a picture of the whole person, not just her resume, highlighting that which makes each woman uniquely beautiful.

As we embark on this journey together, I will also be sharing my two cents on food, clothing, and life, specifically as pertains to young women. Most of my content will be of women, by women, for women. However, recently Ira Glass said something so on point, I am compelled to repeat it here: “even the worst advice from a friend comes with a second message, and that’s just, ‘I got your back.’”[i]

Ladies, if nothing else, I got your back.

[i] This American Life, “#612: Ask a Grown-Up”